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It all started with a fly fisherman from Yuma and a 1956 Ford pick-up.  One of Don and Bonnie's friends in Yuma comes to Ennis every summer for the fishing.  He recommended that Don and Bonnie stop in Virginia City on their next RV adventure to the north.  In 2009, they made the trip and really enjoyed Ennis and Virginia City.  In fact, they stayed in Ennis for two weeks, longer than originally planned. 


While in Ennis, Don found a garage he could lease to paint his vintage '56 Ford pick-up.  The following summer, they returned to Ennis with the pick-up and the Mobile RV service truck on the chance that Don could get some repair jobs while in the area.  The Ford got painted and RV repair jobs were available.  During another very pleasant stay in Ennis, Bonnie and Don decided to make Ennis their summer home and they purchased the property for their current operation.  The repair service center was built shortly after. 

Don's 1956 Ford pickup

Starting in 2010, Bonnie and Don spent winters in Yuma and summers in Ennis, repairing RVs in both locations seasonally.  By 2013, the Moran's decided that moving back and forth between Ennis and Yuma twice a year was just too much hassle.  Don prefers the cooler summer climate of Ennis and they can manage with the snow in the winter. In the spring of 2014, Don and Bonnie made their last migratory trek from Yuma and  Ennis is now their year-round home. 


Bonnie Moran may not get under the RVs or find grease under her nails but she is critical to the smooth operation of Mobile RV Tech.  She takes care of ordering parts on the internet and keeps the books. Her biggest job is coordinating repairs with customers and scheduling Don's repair work. Bonnie has a lot of experience in managing the office, scheduling and multi-tasking as she also ran the office for Don's  mobile forklift and industrial repair business for 30 years while raising their two sons. 


Don started his career in the aircraft industry as an airframe and powerplant mechanic.  During this period he also earned his commercial pilots license.  He then moved on to build his own mobile forklift and industrial repair company.  Thirty years later, when Don retired, he decided he could spend time on an old interest, recreational vehicles.  He and Bonnie purchased a Coach RV but Don wasn't through with being a mechanic.  He attended RV mechanics school as well as every factory RV component school he could find.  These days, Don's passion is RVs.  He enjoys staying current with all the industry innovations and educating himself on how it all works. 


Bonnie and Don have been married for 50 years.  Don served our country in the Air Force as a jet engine mechanic including an 18 month tour in Okinawa during the Viet Nam War. Bonnie and Don have lived in Oregon, the San Francisco Bay Area and Yuma, Arizona. 

Bonnie Moran - Mobile RV Tech
Bonnie & Don Moran - Mobile RV Tech, Ennis, Montana
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